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CASE NO. 20200430-E06
DATE OF INCIDENT: 2020.04.30
INCIDENT: Temporary Disruptance 20200430-0501
This report provides Members an update on significant facts relations to the Commission's ongoing investigation into the multiverse designation EARTH -06 following a temporal disruption that occured on April 8th of 2020 at approximately 2000 hours a temporal disruption was reported by C.S.A. Intelligence, stemming from 1198 Fulton St, San Francisco, California. Our findings, which are detailed below, 1) raise concerns of the formation of malformed timelines due to an increase in temporal disruptions reported in May of 2020, and 2) raise concerns of certain underground interactions and otherworldly influence of suspected parties.

In the case of Henry Lee (Codename: The Horror), the Commission had at least three independent opportunities to accurately track and report relevant facts regarding the formation of EARTH -06. However, our findings indicate, that as described below, material and relevant information was missing from filings due to gravity of adjacent incidents (See "20191029-H07", "20200120-MGH", and "20200215-A02").

1) Mr. Lee, resident of San Francisco, California is a college graduate, employed independently, and has no record of incident prior to October of 2020.
a) At this time, survelliance reported association with Winona Desrosiers (Codename: Scarlet Witch).
b) It is reported Mr. Lee came in ownership of the "Darkhold" in late October. After further investiation of reported supernatural activities in October of 2020, this has no verified association with Ms. Desrosiers.
2) Mr. Lee and Nicholas Sumner (Codename: The Seance) are reported to have an encounter with the chthonic organization known as the "Darkholders" in Hunters Point, San Francisco, California on March 4th of 2020. The "Darkholders" have committed many crimes in association with the Elder God Chthon including the attack of Victoria Montesi and attempted sacrifice of Cletus Kasady (Codename: Carnage).
a) Reports gathered from the San Francisco Police Department involve a number of unnamed victims kidnapped by the "Darkholders" for sacrifical purposes, including Mr. Lee and Mr. Sumner. All victims with the exception of Mr. Lee and Mr. Sumner were processed by the San Francisco Police Department.
1) Motion to review "20200120-MGH" filed per the presence of a suspicious unnamed individual present in follow up investigations.
b) The leadership of the "Darkholders" is currently unknown with ranks consisting of devout followers and suggestable interested parties which show little to no threat level as individuals.
1) Motion to review and amend "20200430-E06" following discovery of potential suspects. Though the presence of the "Darkholders" is confirmed, the successful realization of their goals suggests Mr. Lee to be to keeper of the "Darkhold".
3) The reported temporal disruption on April 8th of 2020 resulted in a surge of chaotic energy from an unknown source currently believed to be the "Darkhold" as reported by Commission Intelligence.
a) Further investigation of the time stream by Reporting Agent revealed the formation of EARTH -06, a previously unregistered universe within the known multiverse characterized by the open manifestation of the "Darkforce Dimension".
On May 1st of 2020, Reporting Agent responded to further temporal disruption stemming from EARTH -06 in coordination with Mr. Sumner, finding Mr. Sumner's emotional and familiarity to Mr. Lee beneficial to the intended goal of the destruction of EARTH -06 from the multiverse. Little to no resistence was met from Mr. Sumner.

Following acquisition of Cache ID 3404-06, the source of temporal distruption was found in the presence of Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee states his displacement was unintended after receipt of a Zoltar Machine Ticket from a San Francisco Pier on May 1st of 2020.

a) Concerns raised about the existence of two versions of the same individual due to the potential formation of a temporal paradox. See "TRN240-XMN".
1) Motion to review and amend "CF-THEHORROR" to include information on Mr. Lee in relation to EARTH -06 filed. Individual shows significant control over the "Darkforce" and acquisition of additional otherworldly abominations, suggesting formation of additional portals perhaps in association with Chthon.
2) Motion for further investigation of "The Horror" filed given clear and present danger found in Mr. Lee's growing abilities and future potential.
b) Concerns raised about placement of other items of potential disruption being found in San Francisco, California.
In the company of Mr. Lee and Mr. Sumner, Reporting Agent progressed to 1198 Fulton St, San Francisco, California with intent to retrieve the "Darkhold" with acquisition attempts successful. Further destruction of the "Darkhold" were unsuccessful due to the build and protection surrounding the book and intervention of Mr. Lee's multiverse counterpart.

All parties returned to present timeline due to inherent danger of temporal paradox.

SUBMITTED: 2020.05.07
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